Whitney Thompson: I Ain't Plus-Size!

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For all the attention America's Next Top Model champion she has received for being the first plus-size model to win the competition, Whitney Thompson has a message for readers:

This isn't valid.

"I'm not really plus-size in real life, I'm regular," Thompson recently told reports. "I'm the weight I'm supposed to be and that's considered plus-size, and what kind of message is that sending to girls and boys all over the world?"

Whitney Thompson Photo

As for the goals she has for her newfound fame?

"No one from the generation behind me has anyone to look up to. Truly all of their role models are in rehab or have eating disorders, and I feel like it might be a lost generation because of that," the model said. "I'm not saying no to anything. I really want to work and work and work and just get everything I want to out there."

Take advantage of those 15 minutes while you can, Whitney. It's a solid strategy.

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Whitney is absolutely beautiful. There were several competitions she should have won, if all had been as it should have been. She was truely photogenic and had the best walk. It is nice to see a model with a figure win. Kudo's to Tyra who seems to truely appreciate beauty and talent regardless of size or what society deems as appropriate. How warped is it to label someone plus size when they are according to the bmi scale normal weight? We need to make some changes. So Whitney, you aren't a plus size model, you are a beautiful model.


Of course the girl is not plus size except in the rarefied world of modeling where everyone seems to survive on lettuce leaves and little else. More main stream models should look like this rather than stick insects without being hailed as plus size.