90210 Spoilers: The Demise of David, Donna

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Before we get to the juicy 90210 spoiler pretty much revealed by Tori Spelling, here's news on the show's series premiere:

Kristin from E! Online hints that it may be a two-hour blockbuster - but it's definitely set for September 2. Set your DVR!

90210 Spoilers: The Demise of David, Donna

A moment of silence for Donna and David's marriage please.

Meanwhile, considering the fact that Brian Austin Green is not likely to appear in the new Beverly Hills, it was already assumed that Donna and David were no longer married; now, Spelling has essentially confirmed that rumor:

"I don't know if she and David are together," Spelling said of her character. "I feel like she's a career woman. And when you get married young, sometimes you evolve and then you're no longer compatible."

Sorry, Beverly Hills, 90210 fans. Do you agree with us that it feels like a rip-off to end the main relationship from the original series, just for fresh story lines on a new series?

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Donna & David should still be together in the new series. That was the last episode their wedding, how could they have ended. I thought them getting married was to show how they had grown and changed while in college and time after and found each other again. Not got married and then divorced. They need to be TOGETHER.


Im a guy that actually liked the old show, Brenda, Kelly and Donna were beauties. I think it would be cool if some how they could combine the old characters with the new ones. I understand not everyone from the previous cast is interested in doing this, maybe that is because they know it should be left alone. Most of them are trying to move on with there lives, and get new projects. I don't agree this show should be re-made. All the classic shows from the 90's are on DVD now, me and my girlfriend own all the Season of 90210 on DVD and are still buying them. I too agree that this will appeal to a younger, that knows nothing about the old show or maybe saw some reruns. If the show is that much different they shouldn't even associate the title or the SONG! I wish everyone luck who's involved in the new project, and we'll see what happens...


I agree with everyone else. David and Donna belong togehter and shouldn't be changed. I also think it would be awesome to at least HEAR or for them to make reference to all the other characters at leeast one time! and I'm sorry BRENDA was one of the BEST characters on the show! She should at least be mentioned. Lori Laughlin was the friggen mom on FULL HOUSE, and no doubt she is a good actress, but she shouldn't knock the Walshes or Brenda! The die hard fans of this show are either going to love it or hate it. There is no way they could REMAKE the original, and I understand they are not doing that, but I guess i'm curious to see whats going to happen. I love the OLD 90210, I think this show will appeal to the YOUNGER american, the one's who don't even know about the old 90210. Still I applaud there efforts and I'm sure it'll be a good show, just not one that will touch everyone the way the OLD show did.


i agree the david and donna relationship was a huge story line
and another thing i would really like to see is luke and brenda
come back together they had fire and could really
light up the screen like david and donna well that is my say


i think david and donna should still be married. just because he is not on the show doesnt mean they cant be married. she is not a regular on the show so she doesnt need a huge story line that will let her meet a new guy. it will totally ruin the series finale of the original 90210. they were supposed to be happy at the end and if they are divorced then alot of the fans of david and donna will be disappointed.

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