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The UK Metro has a funny interview with 22-year-old Gossip Girl hunk Chace Crawford. Here are some excerpts for you ...

Q: Chace. That's an unusual name.
Chace Crawford: Yes. I'm OK with it.

Q: Why didn't your parents spell Chase properly?
Chace Crawford: I blame my dad. He wanted all Cs.

Q: Have you been in a love triangle like the one on Gossip Girl?
Chace Crawford: No, not one in which I'm suddenly cut into a montage of me having sex on a bar stool. I've gone from girlfriend to girlfriend in the past, but I've never been in a seedy love triangle.

A Handsome Chace

Q: Are you worried you'll end up typecast like the actors on Beverly Hills 90210?
Chace Crawford: No. Gossip Girl isn't massive like 90210, it isn't iconic like 90210 and it's not going to last a decade. The crossover between TV and film has changed. Actors can do both now. They couldn't 15 years ago.

Q: What's the best thing about coming from Texas?
Chace Crawford: I've got a great family and Texas is a very family-orientated place. It's great to come from a community like that.

Q: You were reportedly dating American Idol winner Carrie Underwood. Have you ever voted in a reality show phone poll?
Chace Crawford: No, I'm not a big fan of reality shows and I never watched American Idol.

Q: So you're not having a fling with JC Chasez?
Chace Crawford: No, of course not.

Q: Do you have a favorite 'N Sync song?
Chace Crawford: No, I don't.

Q: Have you read any good books lately?
Chace Crawford: I'm reading The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. I loved his other one, Blink. I'm also reading Catching The Big Fish by David Lynch.

Q: What was your last dream about?
Chace Crawford: I scuba dive. I've been having dreams I'm drowning and I wake up gasping for air.

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I love how blunt he is.


NG: The main ACTORS are in their 20's [excluding Taylor Momsen, Kelly Rutherford etc.] The CHARECTERS are in their teens [exclusiding the adults]


love chace!
tori, the main characters are already in their 20s besides lil j. in a decade they'll be in their 30's.


To C: It may not have necessarily been a dis to Gossip Girl, but stating that the show is not quite as big as 90210 or as well known. 90210 is pretty big. And Gossip Girl will not last a decade. If it did it would have to have an all new cast after at least a couple years- They'll be in college and not near Gossip Girl who will have most likely graduated with them lol. Plus in a decade the main characters would be like 27. I'm sure he loves the show and is grateful!


"Chace Crawford: No. Gossip Girl isn't massive like 90210, it isn't iconic like 90210 and it's not going to last a decade. " Good to see he has faith in the show that made him famous!


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