Brooke Wins Farmer Wants a Wife

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Turns out Matt Neustadt didn't just want a wife. He wanted Brooke to be that wife.

On last night's season finale of Farmer Wants a Wife, Matt remained true to his country form when he had a crop duster fly over the farm with a sign announcing the winner.

Once Christa made her gracious exit, Matt and Brooke were covered in confetti and then proceeded to drive off into the sunset on a tractor.

So, do you think this couple has staying power?

Brooke Wins Farmer Wants a Wife

Brooke won over Matt's heart on Farmer Wants a Wife.

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    I cant believe she won, I really think he made a mistake Christa was way prettier and not fake....poor choice


    Brooke is an amazing girl i love her she is right for him ! I wish them luck with there marriage and hope they have 3 kids together!!!!


    I love Brooke! I think they will def last! she is soo sweet!


    I don't think Matt made the right choice. Brooke is very childish and can't even act her age never mind being a farmers wife. Matt is quite handsome and sweet and will make a fine husband, but not with Brooke. I really don't think it will last, and I hope that Matt doesn't regret not picking Christa!


    I knew from the beginning that Brooke was the girl he needed. All the women who competed were beautiful, and all had something to bring to the table, but Brooke really has the whole package. Christa was cute, and interesting, but that harshness she has to her just doesn't cut it with church goin' country folk. They would have grown weary of her antics quickly. Brooke on the other hand is sweet, bubbly, polite and the perfect farmer's wife! :)


    I was disappointed. I think Christa really had a better sense of herself and had thought it through. Especially since she was already thinking of what kind of work to do once she was there. I've never liked Brooke either and think she's too immature. I guess we'll see.


    Brooke is totally right for Matt. What an amazing guy. So calm. So sensible. So sweet. Wow. AND A GENTLEMAN! And smart. Wow. I wish them both a lot of happiness. No it won't be easy, but I think Matt can make it happen. And Brooke can too.


    I don't see it lasting, because I feel that the situation romanticized everything to the point where reality can no longer compete with the experience they went through to be together. Just being together and doing normal country things is not nearly as exciting as being featured on a television show...this is why very few of the couples from "Bachelor"-type shows have stayed together, because the spark dies when the camera turns off. As well, I am one of the (apparently few?) people who has never really liked Brooke...I feel that she tries way too hard to uphold a certain image, and that she is very young and really has no idea who she is yet. To say that you have fallen "in love" with someone so fast feel absurd to me, especially within the first day of meeting him...I honestly think that if Matt hadn't picked her, she might have gone off of the deep end, whereas the other girls were able to handle the rejection relatively well because they liked Matt but weren't "in love" with him. As well, she moved from Texas to CA to pursue an acting career, and I doubt she'll leave that to be with him now that the deals will start rolling in for her. So, yet again, reality tv creates and destroys another "cute couple".


    My hope and prayer is that they will stay together and be married. From what I viewed watching the show, I believe they can make it work. Matt and Brooke seem like awesome genuine people. It would be very hard to accept if the whole process they went through was all in vain. Love between them seems mutual which proves to be a perfect place to build from.


    I think Brooke is a pretty girl, but I don't see them lasting very long. I don't think that Brooke is ready for a full on relationship and I know that Matt is... Good Luck to them both!