Gossip Girl Caption Contest 4

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Welcome back to the 4th edition of Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest. Thank you all for playing. Who emerged victorious this week?

It was a difficult call with so many good options to choose from, Gossip Girl fans, but we went with Gabbi. Congratulations!

The winning entry appears below the photo. Scroll down the page for the full list of captions sent in, and good luck next week!

Love in the Air

Serena: Dan? What'cha reading?
Dan: Uh. N- Nothing.
Serena: C'mon! Show me... Oh my God. Erotic fiction? Wow...

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Here is google. He is nice. Thanks.


gossip girl- poor lonely boy if only u knew that to an upper east sider like s, a picnic basket doesnt find u happiness----u can see by serena's smile its about getting your name in the new york times
no one ever said manhattan's elite were easy 2 please--xoxo gossip girl


Dan: So Serena this lit paper is pretty good.
Serena: (just keeps staring)
Dan: Serena hello (waves hand in front of face)
Serena: Oh sorry Dan your sister is over there sucking face with some guy. Anyways back to my paper.
Dan: What! (turns around)


Dan: So Vanessa and I were discussing Emerson last night and we came up with some very interesting points on both sides of whether or not he made a direct impact on Romanticism in the late 1900's and-
Serena: I killed someone.
Dan:....................So anyway back to me...


Dan: Serena, your lit paper is about me?
Serena: *slow nod*
Dan: ...But you spelled my name wrong...


Lonely boy treats [not-so]saint McShiney hair to a romantic lunch in central park, to try and finally spit out those three magic words, better run, S, or it maybe to late to find a guy with nicer hair, or better proof reading skills.
You know you love me, and not lonely boy!


Serena: Ok look sorry i am late this guy in a chicken suit and me wentt at it and well it was just a bad deal.. I think i won though like i knocked him out he was unconscious and..
Dan: Serena.. umm you might wanna look behind you..(a guy in a chicken suit with a bloody nose comes up behind Serena)
guy in chicken suit: hey ya ready for round two bitch? I can go allllll night.
Serena: oh shit.. i gotta go (Serena takes off running with the guy in the chicken suit chasing her)


Serena: Hey sorry im late
Dan: Hey girl hey!
(awkward pause)
Serena: wow.. umm... Yeah.. it would be great if you would like never say that again
Dan: Hey girl h- okay sorry


Serena: "Hear Dan, let me read that to you.. We would want you cause yourself any brain damages!" Dan: "THANK YOU!"


"Serena, that wonky head thing is starting to creep me out..."

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