Gossip Girl Caption Contest 4

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Welcome back to the 4th edition of Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest. Thank you all for playing. Who emerged victorious this week?

It was a difficult call with so many good options to choose from, Gossip Girl fans, but we went with Gabbi. Congratulations!

The winning entry appears below the photo. Scroll down the page for the full list of captions sent in, and good luck next week!

Love in the Air

Serena: Dan? What'cha reading?
Dan: Uh. N- Nothing.
Serena: C'mon! Show me... Oh my God. Erotic fiction? Wow...

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Spotted: Looks like S and D are making a truce in the park. Does D know what went down in the Hamptons???? Does S know what happened on the other side of the bridge???? Don't worry guys I know all there is know. You Know You Love Me
Gossip Girl


Serena: Oh my god you watched Camp Rock last night to?
Dan: ya didnt you love it when Shane and Mitchie like almost kissed?
Serena: Ya! God i love you. (kisses Dan)


Serena: what the..why in the Hell do you already have an erection. jesus, i just got here can't you keep it in your pants for like one minute?
dan:there was this dog um before you came here and he Uh..well.. its Not important. what do you want to eat


Dan: Well hey there baby.. Ya hungry? Look i packed some ham and shit.. Isnt that like your favorite food or whatever
Serena: I hate ham.
Dan: Well i got some tea in this good ol thermos
Serena: I'm allergic, asshole.
Dan: Oh.. Silly me......
Serena:...... anyways i am really upset blair and i just got in a fight..
Dan: Aww.. (in comforting tone) you want me to drag my sack across your face?
Serena: What?
Dan: Nothing.


Serena: hey jackass since you seem to know everything in the world why don't you tell me what this is ( Serena pulls down her pants and reveals what appears to be a large genital wart) funny how it didnt appear until the other day after we...
dan; Ah shit.. Wow.. This is awkward.. *pause* (dan takes off running)


Serena: So that's how you make toast
giggle Dan(Thinking): Good things she has beauty cause I'm not sure she'll get far by just using her brains.


Wow! I have the same scarf!


Dan: And that was my poem- Blond Locks of Golden That Light Up My Life with a Single Giggle. Serena: Haha!....


Spotted: S and D having romantic picnic in the park after a long summer apart! Absence does make the heart grow founder, doesn't it? Good thing lonely boy doen't know what or who our It girl Serena did on her summer in the Hamptons. Do I hear Nate? hmm... well until next time. You know you love me! xoxo Gossip Girl


D: You have most beautiful eyes in the world...
S: You really think so? Thank you baby!

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