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Hot Gossip Girl Photo: Hunky Lifeguard Action!

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In a scene from a future episode of Gossip Girl, Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) is just chilling in the Hamptons on Long Island - but a shirtless, hunky lifeguard seems to have his eye on her!

What will transpire between these two, if anything?

Beach Bum Blake

We'd check out Serena van der Woodsen if we saw her on a beach too - but what's to come of her romantic life in Season 2 of Gossip Girl?

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Perfect work!


Beautiful site!


Incredible site!




hot lifeguard's name is James Duer




what is the lifeguard name? in real life?


heres the deal on S +THL (totally hot lifeguard)
he tells her that hes been watching her for ever blah blah blah
she tells him shes not interested blah blah blah
he says sorry, its just your always here alone blah blah blah
she says soz i just brokeup with a longterm boyfriend and im not ready for another relationship blah blah blah


I was only joking, the only couple I ship on the show is B/C.
Although I am sure he is more interesting than isn't hard.


well kellie what is he's just a syuck up guy who just thinks serena is hot

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