Major Heroes Spoiler: Claire Bennet Goes Bang

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As previously reported, a shooting will take place very early in the season three premiere of Heroes. Based on what we've heard, Claire is likely to take aim at Peter.

Why? We have no idea at the moment.

But the rumor appears to be verified by the photo below. It's a shot (pun... intended!) of Claire firing a gun, and sporting a darker hair color than usual.

Bennet Goes Bang

What's going on in this photo? We'll have to tune in to the Heroes season three premiere on September 15 to find out!

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I think that's future claire shooting future peter, who shot Nathan.


Considering all the spoilers making their way onto the web, I'm making my guess right now that the season premiere will be a future episode, set in a sort of apocalapse future where everything has literally hit the fan. So rather than starting the season in the present time, I think it will start in the future and will see the likes of Hiro going back to fix it, sorta like seeing season 1 through Future Hiro's eyes. If I'm right it will make a refreshing change but it will make the viewers got WTF! for a while. It also sorta explains why Greg couldn't believe what was in the first few scripts, they could be working the other way round this time and Kring did acknowledge the virus arc took too long to get into. They'll start this from the very first episode, or so I hope.


If you read the graphic novels, you'll read about a mother and daughter team who work for the has the ability to change peoples appearences. In the novels, theres a story line where the mom changes her daughter into a hot looking girl so "she can have fun"...maybe now, the daughter is doing some shady undercover work?


What if it was Claire who shot Nathan..?? that would be


sept 22nd

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