Matt Neustadt and Brooke Ward: Still Together!

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Might Matt Neustadt and Brooke Ward truly be a match made in reality show heaven?

The Farmer Wants a Wife star and his chosen mate are still together, Brooke told The Orange Country Register, adding that she's on her way to Missouri to shack up with her man.

"I'm in the process of literally packing up my car," Brooke said. "I'm driving to Texas to my sister's wedding, and then I'm driving to Missouri to see my man."

Brooke Ward

Matt Neustadt and Brooke Ward are still going strong!

Brooke added that life hasn't been easy since the show stopped filming.

'"It's really crazy," Brooke said. "Right after it was filmed, Matt and I were both really confused about our intentions for being on the show, our intentions for each other, and even though you've got real feelings for each other, it was really hard to figure out.

"So we left a lot of things unsaid, and we both were kind of scared to admit we had real feelings for each other. And then when he came out here in April for some publicity, we kind of rekindled things. So now we're dating, and I'm going to move and see what happens."

Sounds oddly level-headed for a reality show contestant. We wonder if Deanna Pappas and her soon-to-be chosen soulmate will react the same way.

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Matt is now married to a local girl from his area. I am so happy for them.


So did they ever get married?


They are no longer together. The show was filmed one year earlier than when it was aired. During that time (before it was aired), Brooke & Matt continued their relationship by phone, but kept it under wraps from the general public, so as not to ruin the show. The two of them did get to see each other during a couple of promotional trips that several people from the show did together, including one promotional thing in California, and another in Vegas. Several months after the show aired, Brooke moved to be in the same city with Matt, so they could continue their relationship. At that time Matt publicly announced they were together, shared photos of the two of them as a couple, etc. However, something happened about a couple of months after that. Something about Brooke not really being into the relationship for the right reasons, and not being up front. They broke up, and Matt took her off his Myspace (as well as all her photos), stated how hurt he was on his Myspace, and stated he would never be as open on his Myspace, as he previously was. That was the end of that. Who knows where Brooke is now, but I hope not to see her on TV any time soon, after hearing some of the things she pulled. Would love to see a 2nd season starring Matt (& a much better crop of girls). This has been requested repeatedly on the Myspace of the woman who was a casting agent for the show. Haven't seen anything showing they plan to do a 2nd season with Matt, or any other farmer, though.


Just wondering if they are still together. I loved this show. I am forty five years old and enjoyed all the farm life because we have everything but pigs. I love to quilt and everything that went on the show. Just want a update if they are still together.


o.k. how can you just leave everyone hanging without a real ending. There are alot of people who want to know what
happened. Even if some people didn't like the show, me and my daughter watched every episode to the end and would really like to know if these two got married or is the "Farmer" who wanted a wife still single.


I watched the show faithfully. PLEASE keep us updated on their relationship.


If you have been reading the myspace pages, apparently Matt and Brooke have gone their own way and Matt still talks with Christa. Could it all just be a smoke screen??? If so I don't blame them because they have no privacy and I too am guilty of that as well. I hope they all find their happiness.


I've heard that Brooke Ward has taken up residence in New Town at St. Charles in Mssouri to be near Matt. ( We wish them all the best in their future relationship.


We live in St. Charles where this show was taped and we actually ran in to Matt and Brooke this weekend at a benefit concert for flood victims on the riverfront in our town. They were really cute together and posed for a picture with my hubby for us. Looks like this one is for real.


Just like everybody else. I watched each week. And am so glad to see that Matt chose Brooke. Please, Please let us know how there doing? We all want to know. Hope you have another show this fall showing Brooke and Matt and what has been going on with them.