Minor Gossip Girl Spoilers: Hamptons Edition

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It's not too early to begin thinking about Season Two of Gossip Girl. Well, maybe it is, but we're doing it anyway.

Hence, the Gossip Girl spoilers below

Kristin Veitch of E! Online writes: "I'm hearing that in the season premiere, the kids go to the Hamptons, Serena and Dan reconsider their breakup and Blair uses a new guy to make Chuck jealous."

OMG! Thoughts?

Get the Blood Going?

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I think b hooks up with Marcus Beaton from the book series in order to make c jealous!
It's a definite possibility....


If Dan and Serena don't get back together i don't think i'll watch the show anymore. they are my favourite couple and they blong together! I'm happy that Nate is going out with the 30 year old woman or whatever, at least that way he won't hook up with serena!


I Really hope they get back together. i've read so called spoilers saying they wont so this one gives me hope. dan and Serena are just that relationship we all want to have! there perfect.


I need Dan and Serena back together. By far my favourite couple, I always found they were meant to be together... she sort of relaxes him, so he's not so uptight, and he brings out the good in her. I hope they get back together. <3


omg can't wait for more spoilers on blair and chuck!! i think she might use a guy that she meets in italy while with her dad, to make chuck jelous. but bart's business partner might be a possible opption, considering in the book she dates an older sohispicated guy to make nate jelous.


i luv dan and serena they were ONE of the reasons i watched the show the other one was blai and chuck and I heard that they will be the "IT COUPLE" of season 2 can't wait!!!


I heart Chair!
They are soulmates, even if they wont admit it!
I'm effing freaking out, chair IS FOR FOREVER! And as for Dan/serena...I hope they stay broken up, god intended that way, but at the end of the day, they are the central relationship, even you though chair should be, I mean, with chair you get an action packed storyline...but with derena you get lovey-dovey story-line filled with boredem.


Dan and Serena Belong together


I'm sad that Dan and Serena won't get back together, but not as sad as when I hear Chuck and Blair are going to have some issues. I mean, don't get me wrong, i love them fighting and all the sexual tension and stuff, but in the season finale when she finally let Chuck apologize and he showed her that he's really a romantic and different than she thought...that was true love right there. I don't think they can change so fast. And where are they getting these spoilers? If Blair's using anyone to make Chuck jealous, it's got to be greasy-airport-guy (whatever his name is) and I really can't see him in the Hamptons. My opinion is I'm not going to believe any spoilers until the promos and previews start to come out. Then we'll see who's right and wrong :)

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