Minor Gossip Girl Spoilers: Hamptons Edition

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It's not too early to begin thinking about Season Two of Gossip Girl. Well, maybe it is, but we're doing it anyway.

Hence, the Gossip Girl spoilers below

Kristin Veitch of E! Online writes: "I'm hearing that in the season premiere, the kids go to the Hamptons, Serena and Dan reconsider their breakup and Blair uses a new guy to make Chuck jealous."

OMG! Thoughts?

Get the Blood Going?

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omg i cant wait for season 2!!! Chuck and Blair belong together!!


I can't wait to season 2!! I wonna se Chair again! The hottest couple in gossip girl is Chair, not Serena and Dan, they two are boring together. I like them, but not together. Serena needs some older guy or something, same with Nate. Rufus and Lily.. And Dan... Dan and Vanessa can hooke up! So.. Problem solved!


I have to say that although I'm really hoping Dan and Serena don't get back together, I'm hoping that there will be a little more closure on their relationship and any prospects for its future. As for Blair and Chuck, whatever happens is bound to be entertaining.


In reply to Angie and Kristina, i'm guessing neither of you have read the books, anyway-in the books, nate has to do yard work as his lax coaches house in the hamptons bay area(ehh.. not satisfactory area) because of drug problems but the story line of the show doesnt play that up as much as it did in the books. But while at his coachs house, the coachs wife comes onto nate so yeah...


You're right, Kristina! I found the same thing on lot's of sites. Here's a good one with loads more info and most sites I found just say the same thing as this one: http://www.tv.com/gossip-girl/... I am so excited! When will September 1st be here???


I've found from many websites that Nate is having an affair with a 30 something year-old Hampton housewife. Her name is Catherine Mason. Apparently, they were in the car, going at it, when Catherine's husband pulled up. Hopefully we will find out more information soon.


They have to get back togeather (Dan And Serena) They are my favorite couple and when they broke up i wanted to cry! lol no really i did. Blair is probly gonna make him jeluse with Ben


I really hope that Dan and Serena get back together... They were so good for each other, and that break up episode was one of the saddest moments.
Dan and Serena are so good for each other on screen and Blake and Penn are so good for each other off screen.
Im looking forward for what happens with Chair, hehehe It is going to be a good game Chuch and Blair is going to play.
And I wonder who is that older lady Nate hooks up with


Regardless of if you're a supporter of a relationship between Dan and Serena or totally against it—I believe how the season finale left the two, both were still heartbroken over one another. Not only do the characters need a sense of condolence in their relationship but the Gossip Girl fan-base as well needs condolence in answering whether Dan/Serena's relationship is completely over or if there's a chance of the two getting back together.
In regards to the happenings of Blair and Chuck, who doesn't enjoy Blair's antics in toying with the characters of the show and receiving her sense of revenge/pride….Especially from Blair opening up and allowing Chuck a second chance, and then him leaving her only for him cop out and go back to the actions of the mischievous Chuck Bass; the games of misery and the wrath of Blair Waldrop has only began—the games between Blair and Jenny were nothing!
The premiere of Season 2 seems to deliver to the needs of the Gossip Girl fan-base and it only seems to fuel my appetite of excitement for this fall!


I heard that S and D regret the breakup but don't get back together. And, in fact, I heard that Dan hooks up with someone else...I'm wondering how S is going to react! So sad! But with the whole Chuck/Blair thing, I am super excited! I'm 99.999 percent positive that the guy she uses it Marcus! This is going to be great!

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