Penn Badgley, Blake Lively Heat Up Hamptons

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OMG! Are Serena van der Woodsen and Dan Humphrey going to get back together in Season 2? Or are the actors who portray them, Penn Badgley and Blake Lively, just madly in love with one another in real life?

Who knows! But we do know that they must be the hottest young celebrity couple on TV. We absolutely adore Blively. You can just see the chemistry and how they can't keep their hands off one another.

So Sexy

Follow the jump for another sizzling photo of on-and-off-screen loves Blake and Penn, all over each other on the Gossip Girl set ...


OMFG: Penn Badgley and Blake Lively are too sexy for words.

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Indeed. They're still together now and I bet they will be for a long time. Wish they would bring Darena back on the show. It seems as though they are only Chair fans left watching the show because Darena fans have already lost all hope :(


Haha, so funny to see this now. Penn and Blake are still together, and they are really cuddly with each other. and from this weekend Suck on that, haters.


omg penn is sooooooooooooooooo damn sexy lol i love them together both, actors and characters.
honestly i think dan and serena are going to get back together because of the other photos we've seen of them on the set but who knows? maybe it was just a kiss in the middle of the scens=)


That last pic is sooo hott, where can get my Penn Badgley?


I love them as a couple they are just so cute together you can hardly even put it into words. i really really hope that s and d get back together. their just meant for each other on-screen and off-screen.


i saw a bumch of pics on a website and they were filming there is also pics of they like asleep on each other on the beach!!!


super sexy couple.>! super love them.. super!


Tricks, Tricks, Tricks.
The fact they tried to keep their "relationship" on the "low" has you beliveing it's real...correct?
I actually belive the Blake/penn thing is real...i'm just pointing out very over looked facts. I'm also pointing out what a boring couple they make, it's almost as snooze-worthy as dan/serena, I mean, was their break-ip supposed to be dramatic...WTF it just made me laugh, think about it, their break-up was exactly the same as their relationship.
Dan Makes Pretentious Faces.
Serena Makes Sad Faces.
Georgina Makes Evil Faces.


There are so many hints that their relationship are real. for instance, if their relationship was only for a publicity stunt then they would have everyone about their relationship to the public, instead they kept their relationship on the down low first. Penn also stated that he "loves" Blake.


I think they're going to make it. You think the chemistry isn't there? Look at the pics in this post!


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