Whoops! Kate Walsh's On-Set Mishap

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As if the constant presence of paparazzi wasn't bad enough, former Grey's Anatomy star Kate Walsh had a bit of a mishap the other day on the set.

While filming a scene for her hit spin-off Private Practice, Walsh was victimized by a sudden gust of wind ... you can see where this is going.

Private (Practice) Parts

Like a pro, Kate reacted by reaching back and holding her clothing down so as not to prolong an embarrassing moment. Then she laughed it off!

Follow this link for photo's of Kate on the set ...

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well technily that is her fault. but you gotta' love her. can't wait for Private Pratice to come on this year! i almost died when i heared that the show wasn't coming on last year.
super glad that she laughed the hole situation off!
love always Syd


That is why they invented invisible seem underwear, they work like a charm. (although her skirt seems very flary, not tght fitting) And I do agree with the thong, don't see how people wear them... My friend calls it butt floss! LOL


The anonymous poster obviously has no performing experience. The first things you learn is that underwear marks through the clothes are a no-no, so the choice is either a thong, or to go commando. Considering how uncomfortable thongs are, personally I would go commando, but the site of the paparazzi that took the photos say she was wearing underwear. It's not like she planned the wind blowing. Duh.


Why would anyone go out in a flary skirt without anything underneath? I'm sorry, no mater how bulky it feels, this is the reason why I always wear something under my skirt (unless it's got built in shorts!) Glad she was able to laugh it off though!!


Oh dear. I do see where this is going. It happens to the best. It has been windy here too, so it has happened so many times to girls. Gotta love Kate. Can't wait until Private Practice comes back this fall!

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