Ali Larter's New Personality: Identified!

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As previously reported, Ali Larter WILL return for Heroes season three.

However, Kristin from E! Online has made it clear that the explosion Niki Sanders was caught in to end season two put an end to that personality.

A Goner

This fire killed off Niki. But fans should get ready for... Tracy?

So, who will Larter be portraying? A whole new personality we haven't seen before: Tracy Strauss.

No details yet on the character - but we bet she's blonde and beautiful!

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Okay, I swear to god someone on the writing staff has been
hording issues of the comic classic series Rising Stars!
Any Heroes fans should get that comic ASAP. Rising Stars is
a gritty more elaborate universe of characters that at points
mirrors those of Heroes. Sure there are obvious differences
but the parallels are there with one exception: the character
development in the comics do a far greater justice
than what the show has done in S2. So yes, tehre's a fire in the comics...and well, let's just say
if "Tracy" is anything "critical" like this Rising Star character
all hell will break loose!


will she remember her own son or anything about her life??

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