Ann Gillespie to Appear on 90210!

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For those non-die hard fans of the original Beverly Hills 90210, we might have to explain just who  is.

She's the actress that portrayed Kelly's mother, Jackie Taylor. A bit of history on the character, who is reported to appear on at least one episode of 90210:

  • She's a recovering cocaine addict;
  • She married (and divorced) David's dad, Mel;
  • Had a daughter, Erin, with Mel.

Hmmm, it's that last fact that has our interest piqued.

After all, the show's resident vixen (played by Jessica Stroup) is referred to by her last name, "Silver." Might her first name be Erin? Might she be Kelly and David's half-sister?

It certainly seems that way.

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who said her name was daphne? on that episode jackie clearly said her name was not ''silver'' it was erin.


i heard silvers first name was changed


I do not believe it is the daughter of Mel and Jackie. Silver's first name is Daphne. Don't see how it can go from Erin to Daphne unless the writers don't know the old story.



How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.