Gossip Girl Caption Contest 6

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Welcome back to the Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest, our Friday tradition.

The 6th edition of the Caption Contest was great, as we received many terrific responses from you all. Our winner this week: Orange.

Congrats! The winning reply apears beneath the photo below. Scroll down and click through the full list of entries if you like, as well!

Thanks for playing and good luck in this week's Gossip Girl Caption Contest!

Chuck Bass Inspects a New Arrival

Chuck: Dang, I love that print! (*thinking to self: wonder if they have that in Large?)

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Chuck Do you know you have a nice @ss
Girl Chuck why you have to be so ass I can't find my phone
Chuck Okay sit down and let's have are picnic that I got in town
Girl Chuck it's a picnic until I find my phone then we can start
Chuck Werll take your time I'm enjoying my view


GG: Spotted Chuck Bass looking into something he didnt expect to find while away on vaca. But wheres B?


Chuck thinking: I wonder if i could get a scarf in that print?


Gossip Girl: Spotted C checking out the ass of a girl that isn't B. Is there trouble in paradise? Well summers nearly over.....
You know you love me
Gossip Girl


Chuck: You look like you could use a hand.. Girl: With? Chuck: Never mind it looks like i could borrow your hand? Girl: (slaps chuck) Chuck: Wow summer has just began..


Chuck: hello
Girl: excuse me
Chuck: oh nothing, if only blair could see me no
Blair appears
Blair: PERVE!!!


chuck : lets fuk
Girl : ok
Chuck : bend over


Shortie get loose!!!!!!


Chuck: *to himself* wow, i think i just lost my appetite
Girl: hey, um i'm really sandy from my sunscreen could you wash it down with your water?
Chuck: Yes why of course.
Girl: *sits on Chuck's lap*
Chuck: *thinking* this couldn't get any better -Chuck wakes up- Chuck: *to himself* wow, i think i just lost my appetite
Chuck: *walks up to girl* Hi, I'm Chuck Bass.
Girl: Yer...ok *walks off*
Chuck: Dammit


Girl: *thinking* damn the sunscreen is sandy
Chuck: *to himself* wow, i think i just lost my appetite for my picnic
Girl: Do you have any sunscreen?
Chuck: Why yes i do; just in my basket. *thinking* yes! bend a little more.
Girl: thanks.
Chuck: *mesmerised by girl* I'm Chuck Bass.
Girl: You F*** Your lass??
Chuck: uh oh.

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