Gossip Girl Fashion Breakdown: All About My Brother

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Episode 16 of Gossip Girl, "All About My Brother," was full of culminations and turning points – the drama was breathtaking and thrilling.

Below, our Gossip Girl fashion contributor, the fabulous Liza L., breaks down the episode, telling you where you can get its amazing looks ...

As usual, in this great episode, all the escapades of the stylish Gossip Girl characters were fashionably underlined by their stunning outfits.

The war between two arch-rivals (at least in this episode) for the Queen’s throne reached its peak during a (stylish) Battle of Text Messages...

Social Battles

Jenny: Yellow Michael Kors trench ($148, here), Stacey Lapidus headband (available here), Foley & Corinna City Clutch in Fuchsia ($444 here or here).

Blair: Juicy Couture Canvas Jacket in East Village ($328, here), Foley & Corinna Red Patent and Canvas Jet Setter Jr. ($347, here).

How do you dress to make a statement? Blair Waldorf and Jenny Humphrey know how. But however you are dressed, the statement you're making can come out a bit wrong - and it could give a slightly wrong impression...

Miss B
Little J No More

Blair: Black Rhinestone collared dress Foley & Corinna ($495, unfortunately not available anywhere, but try here or here), with long pearl necklace.

Jenny: Marc by Marc Jacobs “Building Block” hoodie ($228, currently not available, but keep checking here), Stacey Lapidus silk head wrap with vintage clover brooch ($100, here), Blumarine Blugirl strapless dress (here, or similar for $882 here).

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im pretty sure jennys trench is juicy couture


i thought bliar's coat was r&b and were her flats tory burch? just wondering


where are the amazing transparent chairs in blair's lounge from and where can i find them?


where can i find serena's brown leather jacket in this episode (#16)?


I think they are form Selima Optique..;)


What are the black rimmed glasses being worn in the first picture (on the girl next to Blake)? They are so cute!

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