Gossip Girl Fashion Watch: Serena's Handbag

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Plenty of girls demonstrate handbag brand loyalty.

For Gossip Girl's Blake Lively, that loyalty is to Chanel.

She gives the brand plenty of love, this time toting an eye-catching Chanel patent calfskin/metal bag in blue while filming in the Hamptons.

"I have lots of beautiful handbags," the star who plays Serena van der Woodsen told USA Today. "Chanel is it for me. It's the top of the top."

That being $2,325, at select Chanel boutiques. If you look like Blake, you can even wear it with short shorts!

Port Washington

Gossip Girl's fashionable Leighton Meester and Blake Lively.

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i personally like Serena's outfit because the dress is pale but she pairs it with a wild electric blue bag, has her tosseled hair a designer gladiators. Blair's is very cute summer girl, floral dress, with a cute picnic bag, and prissy flats. I love both of their style but Serena's seems more effotless which makes it look amazing


Blair's dress is alice+olivia, serena's is vena cova if anyone was wondering


Two different styles,two feelings!Both,I like!


the dress leighton is wearing is alice + olivia. i saw it on chickdowntown.com its 440 bucks.


I like Leighton best, but I think Blake has a funny sort of cool style.


OMG!! I want leighton meester's dress!


They can wear anything! Ü
They can wear a gown with rubber shoes and will still probably look amazing on it.. :-)


Both LM and BL dress really fashionable but LM wears more colourful and unusual clothes while BL is quite plain. For me, LM dresses the nicest. Where does she get her clothes from?

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