Gossip Girl Promos: Season Two Premiere!

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Sorry we're a little bit late on these but here are FIVE new Gossip Girl promos for the new season that were just released by the CW!

They're all great, but these two are probably our favorites. To start, here are Serena and Blair in the midst of some nice, normal girl talk ...


Here's Nate getting mauled by an older woman, fleeing out the window, and almost being run over, half-naked, by someone he knows well ...


Great stuff. Follow the jump for three more Gossip Girl clips - including a great new catchphrase ("Damn that motherChucker") and a hot Serena-Dan scene. You can view our entire library of Gossip Girl videos, via this link, too!




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did anyone notice that in the one where Nate jumps out the window and almost gets run over, that Serena is in the passenger seat of the lifeguard's car?


ha,chuck basstard, thats funny kellie!!!


ewwww, old chick and Nate??? what does he see in her, seriously. blair is so much better than someone twice your age


BWAHAHAH Mother Chucker
Chuck Basstard


I can`t wait too!!! DAMN THAT MOTHER CHUCKER!


OMG!!! i can't waiit!!!cant they air the show on the first of august instead??? its unbearable!!


dat dan n serena train scene was hot!!!!! who knew he was up for ANTTHING. i am shocked. dis goes out to all my darena haters: f- yall


i love that damned motherChucker! he's fabulous!


ahhh, i can't wait!!! i don't liv in the states so i have to wait a couple extra days for it to be posted on the internet. i don;t know what i'll do till then!!! i'm soooo excited


This just makes me want to see Season 2 so much more. I hope Serena and Dan get back together this Season.


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