Gossip Girl Spoiler: New Man For Blair?

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Ah, the sights and sounds of summer.

The prim and (more or less) proper Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) takes in the Long Island scenery by going for a bike ride with a new guy, who we hear is named Marcus (and is played by Patrick Heusinger) ...

Riding Blair

Who is Blair's new "friend" and what does that mean as far as Chuck Bass is concerned? Tell us your theories on this new Gossip Girl character ...

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the new guy is called james and blair uses him to make chuck regret he left her and it works XXXXXXXXX IF YOU DONT BELEVIE ME GO ON THIS WEB LINK http://video.google.com/videos... thanks xxxxxx chuck bass and blair waldorf fan hannah


i heard that b is just using marcus to make c jealous, and that it works
i also heard that catherine (nate's cougar) is marcus' stepmother or something...
also, at the white party nate and serena go together looking really like they are together, but theyre really not
nate kisses serena to make catherine jealous and serena kisses nate to make dan jealous but then dan has hooked up with some girl from his internship and was flirting with a barista at starbucks, and then apparently d and s have some sort of fight over something and then the cute girl from dans internship and the starbucks barista throw their drinks at him


Watching an E! interview with blake lively showed a sneak peek of filming a clip out of the hamptons episode. Blair was walking with serena saying how she's done with marcus and he was just a backup to make chuck jealous. So we probably won'tsee him for more than 2 episodes...


chuck and blair!!!!!!!!!


I think that shows exactly like the books are boring, and it's good to have some differences or we wouldn't need spoilers. You would just read the books!


Stephanie, calm down, you want the show exactly like the books? hmm? well it isn't! thats the whole point of the show it's BASED on the books, If the show was EXACTLY like the books we'd all know what happens and that would contain zilch fun.


this is retarded. whoever is making this show just ruined it. blair uses lord marcus to make NATE jealous. she never even dated chuck! and lord marcus is supposed to be a taller more handsome nate. he is not. she better atleast go to england and come back witha wedding dress and a whole bunch of other crap. then shell have to get her job. and thats when she is supposed to go the hamptons. i cant help but complain even though i still love the show.


I've met him in person and he's SOOOOOO hot! That pic is really bad:( It does make him look old, but he's not at all. Can't wait for SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!!


doesn't look good with blair...maybe serena. haha yeah Lord Marcus from the book (: Blair fell in love with him and went to England with him in the books but then he didn't want to have sex with her and he flirted with his cousin too much.


NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Blair belongs with Chuck!!!!!

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