Grey's Anatomy Guest Star News: Kevin McKidd

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Could another hot doctor be scrubbing in at Seattle Grace in Season Five?

It looks possible, as Kevin McKidd, a Scottish actor who headlined last year's time-traveling drama Journeyman, is in serious talks to join the cast.

Kevin McKidd Picture

He'd play an M.D. who comes to the hospital after a stint in Iraq. It's expected to be a relatively long Grey's Anatomy story arc for Kevin McKidd, who also played the soldier Lucius Vorenus in HBO's short-lived series Rome.

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well done to kevin hes a great fella ,but cant help thinking that he should be playing DR WHO after all, the guys been a time traveller (journeyman) and now a doctor (greys anatomy).Get it a time travelling doctor "oh and he is scottish just like the most successfull dr who ever .... ".


Hi!wusk! xihnv wgile


I am so disappointed with this season. I wish they would just get rid of Izzy as she has become tremendously annoying and now there is a ghost that she can touch? What is up with that? They should also ax George. He does not have romantic chemistry with any of his love interests.
I am disappointed that they killed the storyline with Callie and Hahn, that was an interesting little bit of drama that could have been more developed. Hahn was also a strong character that scared people and challenged the higher authorities and you always have to have someone like that - think the "Nazi" in the first two seasons. Instead we have Christina who is not being tough with her interns, she is just being an a** with the numbers. I would rather see her struggle to be a leader and a teacher being developed but we don't get that at all.
I do love the new storyline with McKidd and all the heat with Christina. That should be interesting as long as he doesn't go the way of other cast members and mysteriously disappear.
I hope that they get back to the elements that made the show popular in the first place soon.


I LOVE him!


you guys are crazy, this guy Kevin McKidd "McScottie" or whatever you want to call him is amazing. he had his own show journeyman and he is an amazing actor. He will be a great addition to the show. The show was starting to get stale and stupid. I almost stopped watching, but know Kevin McKidd will be on I'll be a faithful watcher. He is just amazing and he will be the best one on the show and bring a whole new spice to it. He is McFabulous!!!!


Come on, all those of you who haven't seen him act can't have an opinion, especially so negative. I haven't seen Made of Honor but will when I can and I LOVE the Rome series. And trust me, Lucius Vorenus IS hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


McHunky shall be his 'Mc' name lol. ;)


Give that man a Mc-Name, and put him on the show for good!

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