Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight Talk Shop(ping)

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Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl enjoyed in little company in the form of her best friend, T.R. Knight, during a shopping trip to Americana at Brand, a shopping mall in Glendale, Calif., on Tuesday afternoon. Check it out ...

Heigl and Knight

During their visit, the Grey's Anatomy stars hit up the Apple store, Sephora and some other institutions. Always fun to see them out and about!

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Where is T.R. Knight. He's my favorite on GA. He hasn't been on much. I hope he's not leaving the show. I won't watch anymore if he does.


hey i'ts me again!
how did you get to meet them ! tell all!!


look at both of their struts!! amazing! they really do look like show stars! lol
love always Syd


OMG u r so lucky!
I love that mall
I live right near there if only i had been there that day....


ruzanna - I am SO jealous! But that is amazing you got to meet them :-) What was T.R. like? (it's hard NOT to have a crush on him. He's adorable)


wouffff! talking about crash on T.R.? don't even go there, he is absolutely the best!


I am soo jelaus, can you send me the picture?
Did you talk to them?


AHH! I would LOVE to have a pic with TR and Katherine Heigl! LOVE THEM BOTH! :)


I WAS THERE. I have a picture with them in front of Juicy. I think I have a crush on T.R. They were both soo nice about it. Both are very chiil and relaxed. It was great seeing them. P.S. I was shaking for like 15 minutes afterward. (Who wouldn't?...don't answer that).


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