Kelly Taylor is a Mom!

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On the new 90210, we already know that Kelly Taylor is

  • A guidance counselor;
  • Fighting over the same man with Brenda.

We've now learned another juicy bit of 90210 gossip: Kelly has a son!

Reports state that she has a four-year old on the show, though it's not yet known if he's the offspring of any former characters (yes, we're looking at you, Brandon or Dylan!).

Who might be the father of Kelly Taylor's son?

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Please let it be Dylan's. I wanted to see a proper ending between Kelly and Dylan. They are soulmates!!!!!!!! Please let us see them together with a spectacular ending, even if its 1 episode!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!


It IS Brandon's because at the end of the first episode Kelly was on the phone with someone in the middle of the night and said, "he's been asking about you", then when Shannen Doherty returned Kelly said to her "Brandon" called in the middle of the night from some foreign country.


I think is Steven's son. Remember that he was allways in love with Kelly. He was a player....


I have to say that the kids does look like Steve Sanders, but remember that Steve was married to Janet at the end of the original series. He could be Brandon's, but Brenda did not seem to have that Aunt roll in mind. There is always Dylan....Which could be because if you recall he was after Kelly again at the end of the Original series. However, what about Matt. The lawyer that broke up with Kelly on the series finale? HMMM any thoughts?


i think its dylans child if it is i hope he comes back into it iod love to see kellie and dylan together again even if its for a couple of episodes


it is nat's kid


Well when Shannen Doherty (Brenda Walsh) came into town I thought they were considering Kelly's son Brenda's nephew. I thought Kelly even said that Brenda hadn't seen her nephew since he was a baby because the Walsh's could never stay in a place for too long. So I got the feeling the father was Brandon.


Why does nobody think it could be Steve Sanders!!!


it has to be dylan's son. no way is it steves. if you ever watched the show you would know one steve is married with a child, 2 kelly wouldnt have gone for steve, totally not her type, 3 dylan comes and goes all the time and nither kelly nor dylan could ever stay away from each other, they always go back to each other. HAS TO BE DYLAN!!!!


totally steve.

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