Kelly Taylor is a Mom!

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On the new 90210, we already know that Kelly Taylor is

  • A guidance counselor;
  • Fighting over the same man with Brenda.

We've now learned another juicy bit of 90210 gossip: Kelly has a son!

Reports state that she has a four-year old on the show, though it's not yet known if he's the offspring of any former characters (yes, we're looking at you, Brandon or Dylan!).

Who might be the father of Kelly Taylor's son?

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I think it is Steve because his mom's name was Samantha and the kids name is Sammie and he's got the blonde hair and blue eyes. Plus he would be the type to leave.


I think Kelly's son is Steve's....he had the curly blonde hair...


The 90210 spinoff will be getting its premiere next Tuesday and the newest buzz is about Kelly Taylor's 4-year-old son. After keeping the child's paternity a secret, it was revealed that Dylan McKay is the father and the execs are considering trying to get Luke Perry back on the show. So tell us — are you excited that Dylan is father of Kelly's baby?


$50 bucks say's it's Dylan. In the next new episode of Belverly Hills 90120 Shannon Doherty's character say's she can't date another guy cuz she's still in love with Dylan


gotta be dylan- it can only be dylan or steve (as she said it was a fling she had in high school who was the father of her son) i am DYING to find out!


i hope its dylan mckay's and he returns for some eps


i think the father will be dylan mckay...

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