Leighton Meester Fashion: Hit or Miss?

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She's always fashionable! Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester adds a dash of color to a puff-sleeved gray tweed dress, wearing blue satin heels as she makes her way into a Hollywood bash for Gossip Girl's network, The CW.

Meeting Miss Meester

We think she always looks pretty darn good. But what do you Gossip Girl fashion critics think of Leighton Meester's outfit: Is it a hit or a miss?

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hmm.. not so sure here. the hair doesn't match the dress, and the sleeves a bit too over the top. good thing is, with that face she can get away with anything.


awesome!!! I really love leigton...she's so pretty..i love her outfit..hmmm..


I love the dress! but i dont like her hair and her complextion is a bit to dark for her.


HIIT! omg! i loveee it


Omg, the dress is AMAZING! I love it. It looks really good on her, she has a great body!


she's really pretty.. i even love her dress..


It's a miss for me, the shoulder sleeves just doesn't do it for me.:(


I think the dress is great but Leighton is a little orange. She is still unfairly beautiful.


i dont like the dress very much
and it hink that si a terrible phtoto of Leighton, she looks like a fake tan disaster.
but she probbly still pulled it off:)


the dress is too 80s.
but Leighton's beautiful as always.

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