Patrick Dempsey Unveils Signature Fragrance

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If you’ve been itching to get your hands on Patrick Dempsey’s new fragrance with Avon, your wait is finally over. And if you didn't even know there was a Patrick Dempsey scent coming on the market ... well, now you totally do!

At this week’s launch event in Manhattan, the Grey’s Anatomy star unveiled "Unscripted," his signature scent, containing notes of such things such as cardamom, black pepper corns, figs and lavender. Sounds like it smells good!

Patrick Dempsey Fragrance

You may never look as good as Grey's Anatomy's Patrick Dempsey, but with this the product he released late last week, you can certainly smell just like him!

The actor, whose makeup-artist wife, Jillian Dempsey, serves as Avon’s global creative color director, said he wanted to create a scent that was “classic but still clean, elegant and modern without it being too overwhelming.”

Somehow we imagine Patrick will be successful! Although "McDreamy" also would have been a good name for the product, don't you think?

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i want that stuff even if it is for men!!lol


I wish I was the fragrance.. :p lol jk


I would buy this perfume just to spray on random guys just so I could think "Oh Patrick Dempsey scented". And no matter what hairstyle he has he somehow always looks hot. Only a shaved head would look terrible bleh that would be horrible! I hope he never shaves his head .


@ppwaal it will grow... we hope
he is so cute...


Im a girl and I am buying it for myself man PD looks GOOD, I like his new hair SEX GOD MUCH ??


The bottle's a little too pedestrian don't you think?? It won't even catch people's attention on a counter! Hmm. Wonder what the Avon people are thinking... I think the hair is lovely though, manly, clean and simply hot...Reminds me of his early days haha... Loved the idea of lavender too...McDreamy will soon be smelling like lavender too, wow that's rather sweet and sexy!!!Sooooooooooooo totally buying it, even if my BF won't wear it, I'll wear it myself(Lavender people, Lavender~~) Can't freakin' wait to see him in S5~~~Missed him and Ellen~~~


ok i just nearly past out. his hair OMG. he is just so hot OMG i was like screaming. i am so totally buying that (even if i am a girl) LOL ill make my BF wear it!!! but seriously it should be a crime to look that sexy. his hair. i seriously cannot wait until S5 if he is going to be looking that hot LOL!!


omg i have to get it so i can have the scent of patrick surrounding me always and forever.


O My God he is so hot with his hair cut, he is 150%hotter now and i can't wait for the fragrance and i am going to buy it for me LOL Can't wait for season 5


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