Tiffany Pollard Photos Promote New York Goes to Hollywood

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In order to promote her upcoming reality show, New York Goes to Hollywood, Tiffany Pollard has chosen to skank up a series of Tinseltown icons.

We've already shown you a few promotional photos for this series. Here's a look at another, as Pollard has a simple message for fans: We ain't in Kansas anymore!

Frightening as Dorothy

Click on the following Tiffany Pollard pics to see larger versions of her recreating a few other famous figures/poses...

Bachelorette Impression
Marilyn Monroe Impression
Tiffany Pollard Promo
New York in New York
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I would like to know where New York purchased The auburn colored wig woren on one of her telecasts.It was long straight with brags.I think it looks great on her.Also I would like to buy one for myself.Please send me an email with info on wig,