Why Kristy Morgan Rejected Tila Tequila

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Kristy Morgan swears she wasn't trying to make history by rejecting Tila Tequila on the series finale of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila last night.

Even though Morgan became the first winner of a reality dating competition to ever turn down the series star, the former (and future! Read on!) Playboy model says she was just being true to herself.

"Tila has this perfect person in mind that she wanted to be with and in no way was I that person," Kristy said. "I just went with what my heart said."

Touching, open words.

You can see more of Kristy Morgan nude in Playboy next month!

Meanwhile, it's been announced that Morgan will appear in the August issue of Playboy. Such a quick turnaround - for reality TV star to nude center fold - is almost enough to make us think Kristy was in this just for the publicity.

No way, right?

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When we saw the Scandal about what happen at the end of A shot of love 2, this is something that no one expected, tila have had cheated and Lied to he Most of the People who really loved her and we watched on T.V. How she dare to do that ? The Dead hearts remember, the Real Love is not just the Abcsense of Pain is also the Prescence of Forces to Move on, We let that happened, Never again we are not gonna allow that this kind of Scenarios sank us down into the pain forever, we are not tolerate that anymore, is tila's turn for Suffer


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mi unico comentario ya q todo esta englosado en uno, es q estas buenisima, estas como quieres eres la mujer q cualquier lesbiana quiere tener simplement la mjor por eso fuiste la preferida de tila


Kristy is so hot..... I love her.....