Ellen Pompeo Graces TV Guide Cover Too!

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Yesterday we posted Patrick Dempsey on the new cover of TV Guide - which promises some exclusive Grey's Anatomy gossip and news when it hits newsstands today.

Well, turns out his on-screen love, the fabulous Ellen Pompeo, also graces the cover in an alternate version! Thanks to the reader who sent a scan of it to us via email ...

Ellen Pompeo on TV Guide Cover

Not the best picture, but still neat. We'll post the article for you here at Grey's Anatomy Insider ASAP. Isn't it great that Ellen and Patrick share the cover this week?

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I like both covers they look great as always. But they could have done a cover with them together. That would have been really good.


i love merder
i love her eyes


Hey Ivy,
I've read the TV Guide.....she asks him to move in with her and he responds are you sure.....




i love it. Ellen is gorgeous anyway! YOU GOT IT ELLEN!!


"Meredith pops the question - but will Derek say yes?" WTF?? He damn well better say yes! But Meredith proposing, that just doesn't sound right. Maybe it's about something else. I dunno.


Ellen is beautiful, I love her.


i love her hair. :]


ellen is gorgeous as ever,,thnx for posting !


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