Gossip Girl Caption Contest 10

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Welcome to Gossip Girl Insider - the's #1 Gossip Girl fan site - and another edition of our Caption Contest, a fun Friday tradition.

The 10th edition of the Caption Contest was another good one, and as this week's winner, we've chosen the entry of CBluv2.

The winning entry appears below the photo, with the full list of submissions further down the page. Thanks to all for playing.

Good luck again in this week's Gossip Girl Caption Contest!

Dan and Vanessa Photo

Vanessa laughs as Nate stands by the coffee shop counter and does his impression of the serious, reading Dan.

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why do you guys make everyone gay in these things?!?!?!


Vanessa: What are you doing writing a book about 'how to dump the prettiest girl in NYC'.


Dan: Vanessa, I don't know why you make me read this trash... this screenplay isn't even coherent
Vanessa (laughing to herself) that's because your girlfriend wrote it


Vanessa: You're a dork.
Dan: Did you know...
Vanessa: Know what?
Dan: That while I count, you clap? At nothing, might I add?


dan: i need to get laid
vanessa: wheres S, i sure she can fullfill ur needs


you kno wat would be wierd danessa


vanessa: (thinking to herself) why am i sitting here clapping and not working?


Dan: "Serena spoon fed me during dinner last night and I dont know what it was. She called it escargot. It was heinous but I gotta know what I just ate." Vanessa: "Its snails, you dork."


Spotted: Lonely Boy prepping for the SAT's. Why so stressed D, perfomance anxiety maybe? //xoxo Gossip Girl


Dan: 101 million words in this dictionary, 305 million in the second one and 178 million in the third. (looking depressed and tired) 3 down, 5 to go.
Vanessa: You know, you could just not count them!
Dan: (says sarcastically) Yeh but what fun would that be!

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