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Welcome to the web's #1 Gossip Girl fan site - Gossip Girl Insider - and the 12th edition of our Friday afternoon Caption Contest!

This week's winner is Amanda. Congrats! Sorry again for the repeat pic, guys. Scroll down for the full list of responses we received!

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Jenny and Eric

Jenny: Asher SO thought I was a better kisser.
Eric: Yeah right, at least he thinks I'm better looking.
Jenny: With those highlights, I don't think so.

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Jenny: i wish eric wasn't gay! Eric: Why does she keep looking at me like that? maybe it's because i'm hooking up with her ex boyfriend.. Jenny: oh well i like gay guys..in i go Eric: ummm?


Jenny Omg what am I going to wear the 1st day of school Eric
Eric Why are you worried it's just a uniform
Jenny Helloooooooo I mean what's the new IT bag of the moment.
Eric I'm gay but not into fashion
Jenny I wish I knew Gossip Girl
Eric guess what
Jenny wat
Eric I'm Gossip Girl
Jenny omg no
Eric Yeah your right


Guys, sorry for using a photo we already did. It was lame of us. We are most definitely not running out of good stills, this was just an error. We'll be more careful next week!


To bad Eric is homo he could of take some profit with little Jenny


Eric: ...It means I like boys Jenny: but I still don't understand Eric


Little J talking to Eric I see she likes boys that go the other side of the street and look like Ken


Eric: *sees Serena in the background* So... you and my sister? Jenny: ERIC! She's my brother's girlfriend. Not to mention I'm totally not gay.. Eric: Hey, I kissed your boyfriend.


Eric: Jenny, why is my sister curled up on your bed under a brown blanket with her hands over her face. Jenny: Oh, she's hiding from the police. Eric: WHAT? WHY? Jenny: Ddin't she tell you? She killed somebody!


wtf? they've done this before!!y r they doing it again??


Jenny: Hey Eric, I think dating you is so much cooler than dating Asher.
Eric: Gawd Jenny, we're both gals.
Jenny: No eric, I'm lesbian =)).

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