Gossip Girl Hair Affair: Blake Lively

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If Gossip Girl star Blake Lively - who just celebrated her 21st birthday - were known for just one feature, it would probably be her amazing hair. Even among other gorgeous celebs, the blonde beauty's locks are distinctive.

Blake's hair can take many variations. Gossip Girl's official stylist, Jennifer Johnson, went for what she calls a "summery goddess" feel for Lively at the movie premiere of her latest effort, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.

Blake Lively Hair

Here's how she says you can emulate Blake Lively's hair...

  1. Blow-dry hair with a diffuser and Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray.
  2. Curl hair with 2-inch curling iron. Pull out curls with fingers.
  3. elect random front pieces to twist and braid on each side of the head.
  4. Loosely pin back twists and braids with bobby pins. Spray with Bed Head Spray-on Shine and Bed Head Master Piece Spray all over.

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Her hair is PERFECT! i want i had this hair, but my hair is not as long as hers. but the curls and color i have:)


are they hair extensions you reckon? her hair is always so full and vuluptuous.. jelous!


i love her hair!
but its extensions


i would soooo do this cuz i love her hair, but my hair isn`t easy to tousle with. specially because its relaxed. wet my hair and it becomes an afro again. smh.


I absolutely love her hairstyle. She's a bohemian goddess

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