Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: The McHouse!

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Spies close to Grey's Anatomy have spilled the beans to E! Online regarding a cool and noteworthy location change for the upcoming Season Five - one that may reveal some exciting details about what's ahead for Meredith and Derek.

The set for Seattle Grace Hospital has moved to another soundstage (one occupied by The Shield until recently) at Prospect Studios in L.A.

As for the original soundstage, they have built... this:

In the interest of full disclosure here, we can't say for sure whether this photo is exactly it or just a representation of what it will look like.

But we do know this for a fact - according to sources connected with the series, the original Grey's Anatomy soundstage has indeed been converted into a lovely home that will be occupied by none other than the great Dr. Derek Shepherd.

You may remember that as of last May's season finale, Derek had a beautiful plot of land that he offered up to Meredith for their dream house, and Meredith finally came around and offered up a beautiful floor plan. Made of candles!

So this would be a pretty strong indication that Meredith and Derek will be shacking up in their dream house this season, wouldn't it? Hopefully there is plenty of domestic bliss to follow. We just hope they skip over the trips to Home Depot.

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It looks so pretty. I can't wait for season 5


OMG i am soooooooooooo exited i want them to live togather i been watch youtube scincethe end of season 4


I need to live in that house! So nice!


I cannot wait until season 5 i'm looking forward to seeing how MerDer make things work


jessie: i am pretty sure that this house isn't on the land because 1. they wouldnt have built a house that fast and 2. i thought derek wanted to sell the land????


Cute house for MerDer! Can't wait...


I can't breathe. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I soooooo can't wait for the house.
I literally fell out of my chair when I saw the McHouse
Season 5 is gonna ROCK!!!
Mer/Der 4Ever!!!


I am SO Excited about the Mer/Der HOUSE. I can't wait to see how all of this unfolds with these two! Can't wait until Sept. 25th!


I think that it is going to be great. Since Meredith is moved out of Ellis house... Will there be a competition to own Ellis Greys house LoL I like more like who gets the custody of the tapes. LoL I could totally see the past interns going all at it for the house. Dead Baby Bike race will be nothing compared to that! LoL I put fifty on Alex... Any takers? LoL


They actually built this house? For real? OMG!!!!! It is huge... Oh I'm sure they will shack it up! LOL Home Depot here I come! :p

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