Kate Walsh May Return Again This Season

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Kate Walsh has a big job ahead for fall. First and foremost, the actress has to help with the relaunch Private Practice, the much-touted but somewhat disappointing spinoff of Grey's Anatomy about a beach-based group of randy L.A. doctors.

But even though her character, Dr. Addison Montgomery, is starting to settle in at the Oceanside Wellness Center (David Sutcliffe guest stars as her boy toy!) she may take another trip back to Seattle Grace sometime this year.

The creator and executive producer of both shows, Shonda Rhimes, sort of hinted at this in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.

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"I don't know if it's going to work with the story, and we don't want her to come back for a visit if it doesn't feel important, something only Addison can do," says Rhimes, wary of it being seen as a stunt. "But the idea is on the table."

This wouldn't be the first return of Addison; the redhead showed up in a Season Four episode of Grey's Anatomy last spring with Private Practice on hiatus.

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omg yay! ... i live in australia so havent got to the mer/der wedding part yet,, soooo styngy.. but i am syked that addie mite come back ..!!!!


Yay! Addie! Hope addie comes back to seattle grace for good! She is my best character in the show. I have been a regular GA fan since she appeared at the end of season 1.GA is so much better with addison in it.She is beautiful,talented,funny and full of life.She is amazing! Please bring her back fast!


Ever since she showed up at the end of season one I have been in love with Addison. She's beautiful, powerful, smart, and a bit jaded. She's my favorite grey's anatomy star.


well, if she doesn come back, is richard gonna fill her position?! bc last season when she left, she told him that he needed to fill her position. So are there any plans for a new OB/GYN???




Yay! Addie has always been my favourite. But as for delivering a MerDer baby... i dont know, that would be so awkward! haha


I Love her, it's gonna be so great
maybe she'll be back 4 the mcwedding


bring addison back!!!!!!!! for good!!!!!


YES! woohoo! I LOVE ADDISON! but yea I agree with the baby ideas... she is a baby doc after all... :D


yes!!!! wohooooo!!! I´m so freakin happy!
I always thought that merder wedding wouldnt be it if addie wasnt there, so that might be the reason but there has to be more drama as a reason for her coming at seattle cuz she IS board certified neo-natal surgeon! hehehe :):):)
and definetly more people are gonna watch greys when she is in it! that is a fact-it´s happening from the first episode she starred in :) LOVE GA ND PP


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