Meet Isis, Transgender America's Next Top Model Contestant

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Earlier today, we provided brief backgrounds on a few season 11 America's Next Top Model contestants.

However, Isis - a 22-year-old former receptionist - deserves her own profile. How come? Because she's the first-ever transgender model on the show.

"My cards were dealt differently," Isis told Us Weekly, identifying herself as "a woman born physically male."


The inclusion of Isis on the show is being hailed by GLAAD president Neil Giuliano as "an unprecedented opportunity for a community that is underrepresented on television.

"We applaud Tyra Banks and The CW for making this historic visibility of transgender people possible," Giuliano said.

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This is hippyhater. I am truly sorry for my acts a long time ago. I was a stupid, idiotic, pedantic, juvenile. I since then have learned to accept everyone. I have become Atheistic, and believe that everyone is equal regardless of race, gender or sexual preference. If I may be as so kind to re-evaluate my stance on this situation with an open mind again. If she wants to become a female, then that is totally fine. Nobody should disallow her. No God, or person should say otherwise. I support this woman. I truly hope you forgive my previous thoughts on the situation, and do not bring up my atheism. That is another matter, and that is something I will not change. -S


Isis has a condition called gender dysphoria.She really is a woman.She was born with female chromosomes the same as I was except my body matches with those female chromosomes the way that they should but for her they did not.She ended up born in the wrong sex. It is like any other birth defect,damn it!


hi u r a inspiration 2 me and i am not transgender but i think u r hansum as a boy and fiece as a girl


Uummm...I think nu10 is wrongg witt him wanting too be a giirl..everybodys different


I am also Transgender I am 24 and in my 2nd year of stage 1 of transition, I wish I had supportive Parent like you.


I think it comes down to fear. those who do not understand. are scared because its something diffrent. its sad really that so many woman here as scared because Isis is pretty and will be a Model. the problem is, its do with there own insecuity and the fact someone born in male body can turn out to be a better looking than them. but also a lot more comfortable with themselfs than they ever will be. Wake up, she is not anything but a girl born in wrong body. there i alot research out there to prove this is very valid medical conditon. but go on calling her "Him" as she will spend rest of life being herself. you going spend rest of your life scared to be anything but what people tell you.


ok, hippyhater, if you so strongly hate everybody here, then why waste your time typing that message for nothing when you know we're not going to listen to you when you can just press the big "x" button in the corner?


Look At All The Insecure Woman On Here Putting Isis Down Because Shes Beautiful And Is Who She Is, She Is A Woman Nothing Else I Dont Know Why Woman Are The Way They Are Bout Transgender Woman There Straight Up Jealous Of Her Coz Shes Beautiful!


Hey Tracy, when you say "Miss Jay has tranny written all over him and they've never really addressed it on the show. Maybe now Miss Jay will feel comfortable coming out." I don't want to bust your bubble, but Miss Jay was out and walking runways decades ago.


i cant believe people can be so nasty, hippy hater go fuck your self... i bet you dont have a friend in the world ...ive always loved tyra now i love her even more , she of all people knows what its like to be on the fringe and the sruggle to succeed , hope the tranny wins just to show the world we are all human regardless, any way the fashion world is about self expression and creative ability ....