NYLON Magzaine Features the Women of 90210

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The three main female stars - AnnaLynne McCord, Jessica Stroup and Shenae Grimes - on the new 90210 are featured in this month's NYLON Magazine.

“We’re very racy, very provocative, and very modern,” AnnaLynne McCord told the publication of the characters these women are portraying on the show.

Grimes added that "the emotions and the issues are very real... these characters have real layers that will all peel away very, very slowly.”

Click on the following pics of the new stars of 90210 now. You'll be referring to them by their first names soon enough...

AnnaLynne McCord and Shenae Grimes
Looking Racy!
AnnaLynne McCord Photograph
Shenae, AnnaLynne and Jessica
Jessica Stroup Shot
Sexy Stroup

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All of the girls are gorgeous, but...there's always a but (except on these girls)...I agree that the girls are much too thin, especially Shenae Grimes. If the camera adds 20lbs I can't even imagine what she would look like in person.


I wouldn't JINX it by saying "you will know their names soon enough anyway." This could be a complete disaster or brillant. I look back on the original cast and they just had the "it" factor. I see no one besides Ryan Eggold and Jessica Stroup who stand out. Plus these girls look like they need to eat a sandwich or two. The girl playing the "bitch" looks emaciated. Jennie was slim but curvy as was Shannen and Gabrielle with Tori being the smallest by nature. And please don't think I don't want this show to fly because I DO. I watched 90210 for 10 years and cried like someone had died in the family during the series finale. They were like our family. I am waiting with bated breath. I will give it a while too as the BH 90210 was HORRID! LOL However, it got so much better as the eps went on.



How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.