Presenting: Team Heidi Montag!

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TV Guide has take The Hills' long-running feud to a new level by actually putting the respective "teams" in uniform!

Team Heidi - basically Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag taking on everyone else - may be shy on manpower, but it's a formidable squad. Her singing alone could wipe out entire countries, and he's a brilliant schemer.

Team Heidi Montag

One can only wonders what plays Spencer will call next.

Who knows who would actually win a football game between the squads. But follow the jump for a look at the (sexy!) Team Lauren Conrad roster ...

Team Lauren Conrad

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To Heidi:
Dump Spencer! Change apartments. Change your phone number. Your "relationship" with him is extremely unhealthy. Being with him has caused you to loose all your friends and all contact with reality. Your old friends hate him because he is and always will be emotionally abusive...and it always escalates. You must do what he says when he says it. You can only talk to people he approves of. Things don't get better. They only get worse. People don't change. He tried to cause problems between you and your sister because he sees her as someone that can "cause problems in your relationship" translation: your sister is someone that can teach you to think for yourself. If that happens, you might see what a terrible drain on society he is. Wake up Heidi! He doesn't even want you to have ties with family!
MTV shame on you for letting this horrible abuse continue to set a bad example for the people that watch this show. Break them up or take them off the show! Stop allowing this horrible abuse to continue.
Concerned Viewer and Abuse Survivor