Shady Josh Flagg & Co. at it Again

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Bravo's Million Dollar Listing returns tonight, and Josh Flagg - fresh off his recent police investigation on theft allegations - is going to stop at nothing to screw everyone he can and get famous make some money!

They're not trying to bilk dead friends this time, but Josh has ulterior motives at a black-tie charity event with his Grandma and his parents. Hey, however you can use your own family members, the better.

Chad’s driving to an event of his own, meanwhile, trying to get an NBA star’s listing. We'll see if he's successful.

Madison has a friend who is a flipper, and wants to buy a house in Beverly Hills. Man, what will Josh Flagg and the gang think of next...

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I enjoy the show and get a pretty good laugh when Chad, the one with the furry bowl on his head and the mouse in his brief case shows up. I would much prefer not to witness Madison kissing his partner, that sort of ruins it for me. Being gay does not bother me at all but the kissing does. Josh, I so hope what I have read about your arrest is not true in any sense, that you would do such a thing to your family and embarass all of what I am sure is a most respected family. I so admire your grand mother. Looking forward to the coming season of the show and purchasing your book. BJ


30 yrs in RE and I have never seen the likes of this trio. I can stomach Madison and Josh, but the helmet headed tool who keeps his micro mutt in a bag (gag) drives me nuts. The market is horrible, and there is plenty of drama with real people. These cartoons are offensive to any professional broker.