The Poetry of Ed Westwick

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He plays the ever-arrogant Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl, but Ed Westwick has a surprising sensitive side — and a way with words.

“I’ve been writing a lot of poetry recently,” Westwick, 21, told People magazine. “It helps me think and work things out.”

Ed the Poet

Westwick shared with the celebrity news magazine a poem from memory that he wrote “at like six in the morning” recently.

Just don’t read too much into the words.

“Nothing I’ve been writing has a definitive point of aim,” the actor says. “I feel like you just need to keep writing until the writing itself just begins to take shape.”

Follow the jump for Ed Westwick’s untitled poem and let us know what you think of the Gossip Girl star's prose:

    Tell me what can you want?

    You’ve got it all.

    Things are real in a handshake.

    Rest my bones these days in a different way.

    Cherish the change; it may not stay.

    I remember your dress,

    Like dreams when you wake with a sudden start.

    You’re beside me in the dark,

    Wrapped in my arms.

    Love is being entranced in a glance,

    To muster up courage when you’re flustered,

    To stumble on the words you prepare.

    Don’t worry about the money that went down the drain

    Because the best things in life are free.

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The poem was okay. He's just so sweet. I love Ed Westwick so damn much. ;)


baby i feel that poem was a freeer!!! yes i see chuck bass writing that tho ur character is so sexy devilish and a nice man!! bay i would love to rwead more i love u ed !!!


haha as much as i love ed this poems seems abit off. but his recitation in a british accent is HOT.


Omg Ed is so totally sweet!!!!!


sexyyy! :)


i wanna hear him say it. it must sound sexyy.
& fck perez. he`s gay himself! hav u heard the
douchebag tlk? lmfao.


Chuck Lover, I couldn't agree more xxx


and just when I thought Ed couldn't possibly become any sexier...


i love the poem! That douchebag perez hilton said it was gay and that he was high but i thought is was beautiful! he recites this in a british accent... yes the best things in life are free! lol


But I also have to disagree because sometimes love has to come at a cost. But the feeling of love is free =D


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