Who's the Hottest Seattle Grace Doc?

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The Grey's Anatomy Insider staff loves to get the opinion of fans on the critical issues surrounding our favorite show. Or just spark some fun debates.

Tell us, via the poll below, who you think is the hottest SGH surgeon. Dr. Shepherd looks like the heavy favorite to start, but Dr. Sloan is no slouch...

Old Friends Again?

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My vote goes to MARK SLOAN, he is sexier than Shepperd who is just a beautiful old guy haha


100% Mark!! Derek is boring. He hasn´t "it".


George is the guy for me. His eyes are to die for and he is so funny!

Mcdreamy is mine



what a hard choice...id ave ta say Mcdreamy tho!he has won me over with the hair and all the dreamyness!mark is still really hot tho but Derek well.. hes jus gorgeous!!


mark who?
i like derek more more more...


patrick dempsey is CLEARLY the hottest guy on the planet. he's sooooo sexxyyy and as we all know MCDREAMY


Iagree with most of you Derek is SO much SEXIER then. Don´t get me wrong Mark is hot but the thing that makes Derek sexier is Patrick he makes him SO much sexier. I mean the thing is the McDreamy things Derek comes out with Eric could pull them off.


Yeaah... But, remember the Addison/Mark scene in season 3, episode 14 in the bed? Sooo hot... I still get the tingles :D

Mctwisted dreams

DENITELY derek!!!
he's wayy more than hot. his character's sexy, loyal, intelligent (too much more to list) and PATRICK DEMPSEY playing him? the ideal... dreamy guy =D


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