Who's the Hottest Seattle Grace Doc?

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The Grey's Anatomy Insider staff loves to get the opinion of fans on the critical issues surrounding our favorite show. Or just spark some fun debates.

Tell us, via the poll below, who you think is the hottest SGH surgeon. Dr. Shepherd looks like the heavy favorite to start, but Dr. Sloan is no slouch...

Old Friends Again?

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ahah i so agree with rach!
i love them both but patrick dempsey is better! i have to say i love eric dane now ..i didnt like him on charmed or the other shows ..but i think thier both HOTTT
LOVE Patrick dempsey though:]


they are like apples and oranges. derek is the kind of guy who gives you butterflies in your stomache and mark is the kind of guy who makes your naughty parts tingle. one you take home to meet your mom and one you just take home.


They are both to die for in different ways!!

Mcdreamy is mine

MCDREAMY duh, mcsteamy is hot and all, but mcdreamy is GORGEOUS


derek is one fine hansome, hot man, also the sweet but sensitive guy, romantic, what every woman wants, and he has the most amazing eyees! also. all you want to just do something with him. second.. mark, is just a hotttttttttiiiiiieeee.. but he's a manwhore and thinks he can sleep with whoever he wants. the thing is derek is hansome, mark is hot.
lifeis full of tuff choices


Stupid question. Lol just joking. MCDREAMY!!!


well its really hard to say,first you have derek whos extremely hot!!!!a gentleman,romantic,and hes not a manwhore....but then you have mark....even when you say his name you get chills!!he's a sleazy pig who thinks he can bed whoever he likes...but he's also gorgeous!!!and lets face it if he kept coming on to you everyday with those lines you would eventually just jump in his arms!!!a girl can only take so much!still cant decide which is hotter though!!!!!!!!


Mark is very nice, but there is no contest, Derek is one hot Doc.


i agree with tihana but i think that kate walsh had the best answer:�you cant deside they are like chocolate and caramel-both great!�...she said sth like that...anyway...BOTH YUMMY ;)


Mark... He's the hottest! The best! If I had to choose the romantic guy, then I would go for Derek.


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