Adam Gregory is Gorgeous

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No major 90210 news in this post.

You'll have to make do with this simple photo of Adam Gregory, the handsome actor that portrays Ty Collins on the show. Annie Wilson sure does have great taste, doesn't she?

Adam Gregory Pic

This photo of Adam Gregory - as Ty Collins - is taken from the next new 90210 episode. We'll post more photos from "Lucky Strike" tomorrow before it airs.

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hi adam... I am Jonathan, I come Indonesian. I hardly serial meyukai 90210..... but in Indonesia schedule displays it is very stripper.... I Love you.... xoxo


So- I tried looking up more information about Adam Gregory and I came across another guy who is a country singer.... His name is ALSO Adam Gregory ( They both are DROP dead gorgeous.. I am going to start naming my babies Adam Gregory.. LOL! It must be in the name!


The man is DROP DEAD GOREGOUS and reminds me of a younger Tom Welling from Smallville. That face, that hair, that small...his chest! YOWZA!! LOL



How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.