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Army Wives Spoilers For "Great Expectations," September 7

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After a three-week layoff (which felt like much longer to us), Army Wives finally returns with an all new episode this week!

Finding Herself

Follow the jump for Army Wives spoilers from this Sunday's episode, the 12th of Season Two, entitled "Great Expectations" ...

  • Claudia Joy learns the reason for her mother's visit.
  • Roxy, Denise, Claudia Joy and Pamela throw Roland and Joan a baby shower. 
  • Trevor learns the fate of one of his fellow soldiers.
  • Denise pleads with Frank to go with her to marital counseling.

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The character Frank, is a total Neanderthal. I don't like the way he treats Denise and for the most part he seems to have always controlled her. It was good for Denise to get her nursing degree and pursue her career. It was wonderful to see how liberated she felt when she acquired the motorcycle. Parts of Denise's identity has been repressed for years as he catered to her husband. When Frank had the audacity to say, "I let you go back to nursing," that should have been a major clue right there to nip his chauvinism in the bud. She called him on it, but it's easy to see why Denise fell for Getty, but I'm glad for the sake of her marriage, she did respect her vows. However, if Frank doesn't shape up, Denise should ship out. She deserves much better.

Army Wives Quotes

The thought of going to the War College, the possibility of serving at the highest level has always been my dream. You made me believe in that dream and I will always be grateful, I hope you know that.


Nothing on a stick is good.


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