Chace Crawford Kisses Blonde on Gossip Girl Set

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Spotted: Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford filming a scene for an upcoming episode, and putting the moves on a pretty blonde female ...

Chace Crawford and ...

Who is Chace Crawford kissing in this scene? If you can't tell from the photo above, follow the jump - the answer may surprise you ...

Chace and Taylor

Oh yeah, it's Taylor Momsen, alright - in one of her many interesting hairstyles! Wow.

Little Jenny Humphrey! We didn't see that coming. Man, is there anyone who Nate doesn't hook up with this season? The guy has become a total male prostitute.

Not that we're complaining. Just saying. Thoughts?!

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FIRST OF ALL, I hate Jenny with her too exaggerated look here. She looks awful but I find NATE AND SERENA ATTRACTIVE, but since well It`s not like they`re meant to be. So hey yeah whatever I`d rather pick Jenny other than Vanessa. :]


Omg? cant he get arrest statutory rape is a strict liability offense. He is like 22 and she is 15 thats illegal, even if there actors!


my gosh they are so cute together!!!


ohh my god..
i really hate jenny.
she's bitch .
god,nate suppose with blair not that jenny,slut!
gossip girl going to be more complicated and no more fun.


lol nate is such a whore. he's hooked up with EVERY SINGLE girl in the show!
except like georgina haha. blair serena vanessa and little j.
i think he just needs to take a break. CHAIR FTW though


ewww, noooooo, i dont think nate should have a girl.
i like him being the whore. :)
he can have me though. :)


hatE iT..
waT tHe biG F!!!!


Hate it -.-


Awww i like them. ppl stop hating on lil J. she allowed to make mistakes just like everybody else on the show. leave her be. she's just growin up that's what teens do, they make mistakes. I like her new look. that whole Upper east side stick up the butt look is to preppy. I HATE PREPS! i like her new Rocker girl look. finally stuff I like. GG needed some edge. I also like her new plot I can relate to it cuz I left home when I was 16 (for diff reasons of course) and being a teen and living on ur own life/friend/work/school it all becomes that much harder. you see a lot of the real world and how it really works. Jenny's gonna learn how shady ppl can be. She is really gonna grow up this year. guess she's not so little anymore. :-) Rock on J!!!! JeNa or Nanny or Jenate w/e it is ppl are calling them now-a-days. Jenny+Nate=Sweetness. NJ rocks my Sock!!!!!


Okay! Now I'm telling the real truth
I'm sorry but
Nate & Jenny are CUTE or A COUPLE!! ( IN GG ONLY!! )


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