Dan Gheesling Wins Big Brother 10

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After a summer of lying, hooking up, backstabbing, double-crossing, whining and calling each other Judas, a Big Brother winner has been crowned.

Dan Gheesling, the Catholic school teacher from Michigan, was chosen as this season's champ and winner of $500,000 in a 7-0 vote by the jury.

The evicted house guests loved Dan almost as much as the show's fans, who chose Gheesling as America's Player midway through the season.

He was also at the top of our weekly Power Rankings every week. Not that this makes us cool or anything. We're just having a conversation.

Dan Gheesling Picture

Dan made the final two beside his "Renegade" alliance partner, known to us as Memphis Garrett, who took home $50,000 for coming in second.

Memphis really had no shot against Dan Gheesling, who played Big Brother 10 so perfectly, but he deserves props for scratching and clawing his way into the finals despite playing much of the season with a bulls eye on his back.

Also, Keesha Smith, a Final Four house guest and former alliance member of Dan and Memphis, earned $25,000 as America's Favorite Juror!

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May the best man win, & HE DID! He is also the nicest & most intelligent, & smart even if he did act a little naiveat times. Good playing! I wanted Dan to win from day 1, & not only because I am from Michigan too, but because he is the best. His family can be really proud of this young man!!! Way to go Dan!