Fashion Week Face-Off: Blake vs. Leighton

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Gossip Girl actresses Blake Lively and Leighton Meester both attended the exciting Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2009 festivities Sunday evening.

Leighton attended Calvin Klein’s 40th Anniversary bash, while Blake chose to attend the Miss Sixty show. Both certainly donned some interesting clothes!

Here's a look at Blake and Leighton's fashion choices ...

Leighton Meester Fashion: A Hit or Miss?
Blake Lively: Seeing Green

Which Gossip Girl star's outfit do you like more?

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I really love Leighton and her style, she always looks gorgeous, but this..seriously? What were she thinking about while she was dressing up? But both of them didn't chose good clothes, if I can say..


they both look hideous


this was a fashion miss for both our gossip girl beauties


Both look so ugly here. Leighton is NOT fat, though! I think Blake's style is good. Often she looks fabolous, but also like crap sometimes:P Usually I like the clothes Blake wears more than the ones Leighton do.... At this event, I can't decide which one who look worse!


Both of these outfits are ugly.
And a centimeter stomach bulge= incredibly fat?? all better be size 0's, or else you cannot say a word. Actually, even if you are... I'm sure Leighton is too!


Leighton is anything BUT fat! SHe is gorgeous, as is Blake. Their style just gets a bit strange at times. AS WE ALL DO.


I agree with Chair too.
Leighton is one of the best dressed stars. I think Blake's outfit's never match the event. Who wears a tux to their show's premier :O! Leighton Fan All The Way PS: Leighton IS NOT fat, and she's much, much, prettier than Blake!


Okay, seriosuly people neither of them are fat.
and they both look beautiful, sure i dont like either of their outfits at all but its their own personal style its what THEY like, so why should they be critisized so much for being themselves?


leighton's tummy is bulging!!! =O


how the hell can they look so good on tv but look so awful in real life?!?!?!? cant they get tips from the fashion coordinator or something whatever you call that person from the show?

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