Gossip Girl Caption Contest 16

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Welcome to Gossip Girl Insider and the 16th edition of our Gossip Girl Caption Contest!

This week's winner is thelma. Congratulations! The winning reply appears below the photo.

Thanks to all of you for playing and good luck once again in this week's Caption Contest!

B and S Converse

Serena: If I sneak by really quietly, maybe Blair won't notice my hideous dress!

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Serena: Do we really need to make a list of all the people I've slept with, B?


Blair: OMG serena I've got lots of things to do for this party so am gonna need your help and I won't take no for an answer! I want you to mail the invitations, find the best violinist, take care of the flowers and pick my dress from the dry-cleaning. What are you waiting? GO! I want all these done within the hour! lov ya
Serena(thinking): huh??? is she out of her mind? who does she think I am? DOROTA???


Blair: Chelloist, Check. Harpist, Che---
Serena (cuts off Blair): I thought you were hosting a party, not a ball for Queen Elizabeth. (Chuckles)
Blair: Well, i thought i should try to be a little more sophisticated, you know i am dating a lorddd.


Blair: Venue, chuck. Guests, chuck. Caterers, chuck. Harpist, chuck.
Serena: Is there something on your mind?


Blair: (doing crossword) Grrrrr... what's the title of this movie?? 3 words 8 letters?? hmm....
Serena: (thinking) what is she writting??


blair: the final preperations are almost complete (scribbles some more stuff) hey S, how bout nate as the male prostitute
serena: i think i just puked in my mouth...


serena (thinking): i'll just walk away slowly then maybe she wont ask me about dan blair (thinking): maybe i should ask her about dan


Spotted: Queen B issuing a fine to best friend S. The crime? Let's just chalk it up to a crime of fashion.


Our very own Queen B decided to give her on-and-off best friend S some attitude makeover. Will she suceed on taming our wild S? Well, that's another case for me to find out. That's my job after all. xoxo,
Gossip Girl


Serena: (thinking) Why am I feeling something wet? (looks at her butt) oh shit, my period! damn! Why did I pick today to wear white pants?

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