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In Gossip Girl casting news, Wallace Shawn (the source of many funny Clueless and The Princess Bride quotes) is joining the show for a multi-episode arc.

The actor will reportedly play Cyrus, the father of Serena van der Woodsen's new boyfriend Aaron Rose (to be played by John Patrick Amedori).

If the series follows the Gossip Girl books, Cyrus will eventually marry theĀ  mother of Blair Waldorf, Eleanor. Could be interesting ...

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LUV Wallace Shawn, Hate this Aaron guy already. Not cute an he's not Dan.


I would love if they followed the books.
well parts of it.. this could be interesting!


That man is SO irritating. I despise him in Clueless. I really hope I'm right in assuming that he and Eleanor do not get together because the Eleanor in the show is too consumed with her business and her image and I just don't think she would give that actor as Cyrus a second glance. But...why would they need to even show Aaron's dad if he wasn't going to be majorly involved in the plot? Ugh, I hope he and stupid John Patrick Amedori only last momentarily.


super old, balding and ugly as hell>>


omg i love him! he's soo talented and funny!


i think hes too old... just my opinion, and isnt cyrus supposed to be chubby and bright red cheeks, he's quite pale....not to sound totally judgemental haha...i dont know who i would have chosen for cyrus, so i guess good job yay... i'm so happy gossip girl is back on


omg he is the hobit from sex and the city!!!!!!


Ohhh! I can't wait, man! I actually don't mind Cyrus in the books. I think he's funny. And Aaron is pretty cool as well. :3

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