Gossip Girl Fashion Breakdown: Never Been Marcused

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The second episode of Season 2 of Gossip Girl, "Never Been Marcused," was another terrific one - for its scandals, humor and fashion alike!

Below, our Gossip Girl fashion contributor, the fabulous Liza L., breaks down the episode, telling us where we can get its amazing looks ...


Always up to something, Queen B kept her favorite habits in season 2 – scheming, style and the Waldorf necklace.

Blair: Forever 21 Beaded Headband ($3.80, here), Garland Large signature pendant ($1,200, here).

Never Been Marcused

Talking about scheming and planning – no matter if you have to rescue your best friend or revenge to an ex-boyfriend, you have to do it with perfect style.

Blair: Marc by Marc Jacobs Alessandra Pussy Bow Dress (£207, here)

Serena: Wayne shoulder Zip Top ($111 on sale, here), Valentino Histoire Braided–Handle Tote ($1,795, here)

B and S Converse

Blair (or Marcus) loved this outfit so much, she wore it again, on a day out with her very own Lord.

Blair: Moschino Heart bag ($1,600 here or $596, here).

Serena is a star in whatever she does, so the only outfit worthy of a star ... could be the one with loads of them!

Serena: Adam Long Halter Dress in Starry Night ($298, here)

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Like Delsie, I am looking for the off-the-shoulder yellow top that Vanessa was wearing. Can ANYONE tell us where to find it???


Serena's purple bag looked a lot like the Chloe Heloise bags...have a look at net-a-porter or neiman marcus :)


the dress blair wears to the final party. the white and black one can someone tell me where its from


does anyone know where to get the off-the-shoulder yellow top Vanessa was wearing? thanks =)


Does anyone know what designer the dress is in the last scene when Blair is talking to Chuck as he is drinking OJ out of the fridge? It's blue and has buttons down the back. It's super cute!


Blair's party dress is Marc Jacobs


okay i read the post word per word. haha sorry guys. kindly delete my message if u please.


How about the to-die-for purple bag S was toting when she went to B's?! I so want that.


What about the dress Blair wore at the party? The one with the bow, I MUST know where to find it!


watch it online. go on http://www.sidereel.com
then search gossip girl
scroll down the page to the links and you'll find it.
i recommend the one via megavideo. hope that helped. xx

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