Gossip Girl Spoiler Watch: Dan's Job Opportunity

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Some brief Gossip Girl spoilers / news items today from TV Guide's Matt Mitovich in the website's weekly spoiler Q & A session...

Q: Gossip Girl has been soooo good so far. Please give me an idea of what's next!

A: I agree, no sophomore slump for this sexy show! Coming soon: Dan Humphrey is offered the job of a lifetime, but only if he digs up dirt on someone very close to him. Elsewhere, a surprising person considers asking for a divorce ... from his/her parents.


Dan Takes a Call

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Elsewhere, a surprising person considers asking for a divorce ... from his/her parents. it wouldn't be surprising if it ended up being Jenny


Ugh, I bet Dan's going to be offered money to dig up dirt on Serena as she becomes a bigger figure on the party circuit...and he'll probably seriously consider and/or do it too, the hypocritical little worm.


i bet its rufus!


Maybe Nate's parents are getting a divorce. They both CANNOT be together due to his dad's drug addiction.


It's jenny who wants the emancipation, I've read the script from that episode.
i don't think she's going to get it though, it would be really unrealistic!


Supposedly Jenny wanted an emancipation in the novels though ..


did anyone ever think that maybe nate is the one getting a divorce from his parents. i dont think jenny would do that? but we'll have to wait and see.


Yeah, Jenny wants to get an emancipation.


i cant believe jenny is gunna ask for a divorce from her parents!


I think the person to ask for a "divorce" from their parent is Little J. She's going to want to drop out of school to work on her future in fashion full-time and Rufus probably won't be a huge fan of the idea. I think they are starting to set up for season three already. Once the four main characters (S, B, Dan and Chuck) are no longer in high school, what are they going to do? Have everyone end up at the same college? Even harder to fit in will be Jenny. I think she'll rebel this year and make peace in the end, and go off to a boarding fashion school, the perfect backdrop for her long-rumored spin-off...

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